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Elmer Hawkes

Elmer Hawkes, filmmaker

Elmer has traveled extensively throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America and is the creator of "Worlds Together." Worlds Together is an educational film series that explores a number of the world's most out of the way places seen from the viewpoint of a curious traveler.

Elmer Hawkes is a songwriter and filmmaker living in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He has released five albums of original songs on vinyl and two on CD, "The Songs of Elmer Hawkes" (performed by various artists) and an original stage musical of Victor Hugo's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame."

Elmer has given numerous talks at schools and community groups about his film-making experiences. As his time permits, he is occasionally available to give showings and talks on subjects ranging from Cuba to Africa, from world travel to film making.

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Master Communications

"Worlds Together" is a series of educational documentary programs that provides a ground-level view of each country's cuisine, lifestyles, history and sports. The series brings unfamiliar cultures into sharper focus. 

Master Communications, founded in 1994 by Selina Yoon, is a leading independent producer and distributor of educational media. Maser Communications exists to foster greater understanding of people, culture and language for a better world. Through Asia for Kids and Culture for Kids, the company provides carefully selected resources for educators, librarians and parents so that future generations can become citizens of the world. We believe that a person who understands various cultures and languages is better prepared to contribute to the world.

Master Communications also holds the world-wide broadcasting, DVD and digital rights to the highly acclaimed Families of the World Series, Follow Jade, Going to School in India, and Worlds Together. If you are interested in any of our series, please connect with us.