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Worlds Together Reviews

“Smiling faces of Ethiopians of all ages open this well-shot title in the impressive new Worlds Together series.”


"more of a travelogue than an instructional program, it (Ethiopia) is divided into visits to five cities that show the diversity of the region. ...... serve as an introductory to upper elementary or middle grades to spur further inquiry."

School Library Journal


“An extraordinary and optimistic glimpse of a faraway land.”

— Midwest Book Review

“The stunning photography and captivating music in the background over 25 engaging minutes help to show just how colorful the nation is in its dress, physical geography, etc.”

Yahoo! Voices

".. a good introduction to Ethiopia and definitely gave me a different perspective to the way people live there. The entire movie is narrated by a little boy, and is easy to listen to. I would highly recommend this for any teacher."

Take It from Me


“We love learning about other countries, and seeing how others live. I have to say this is one of the best educational films about other countries that I have seen. It was made to appeal to both young and older audiences.”

Inspired by Savannah


“Take in this amazing region of lively music, culture, business and rapidly changing lifestyles!”

My OKC Mommy


“Worlds Together Ethiopia DVD focuses on much more of a friendlier and uplifting place, where students and adults are able to get a brief glimpse of the beautiful people, culture, food, geography, and history. The documentary would make a marvelous resource to be utilized in public and homeschool classrooms!”

A Happy Hippy


“Wow... If I could go take pictures of that area, it would be AWESOME!”

Jumpin' Beans


‘I love it because the DVD shows my kids how lucky and spoil(ed) they are compared to people in Ethiopia. It gives them a new perspective on things.’

Daddy Forever


“I think Master Communications has done an excellent job in creating a fun and entertaining way to educate people--young and old--about different areas and cultures, opening them to awareness and understanding and reducing prejudices! Global knowledge is a key to success in today's world.”

My Springfield Mommy


“…the content is factual and not one bit boring.”

The IE Mommy